Policies and Guidelines

General Guidelines

  1. Equipment provided by Berkeley AV must be setup by BAV staff.  Equipment is not available for “self-pickup”.
  2. There is a two hour minimum charge for staffing between 8am-6pm  Monday through Friday.  There is a 4 hour minimum outside these hours Monday through Friday.  There is a 4 hour minimum for staffing on weekends and holidays.
  3. Services are available to both campus and non-campus organizations.  Fees for services provided to UC Departments are at our discounted rates.  A 69% surcharge is added to orders when payment is from a Non-UC organization.
  4. A valid method of payment must be on file with Berkeley AV in order to confirm a reservation for services. Berkeley AV accepts departmental chartstrings and checks.  Orders that do not have a valid method of payment are considered tentative.
  5. The University charges processing fees for checks.  A 9% fee will be applied to all orders paid by check.  This is based on the final total charge for Berkeley AV services.
  6. Berkeley AV provides support on campus as well as at off campus locations.  Travel costs, travel time and vehicle rental charges for off-campus locations may apply.
  7. Berkeley AV makes a good faith effort to accurately estimate the cost of our services based on information available at the time of the request. Changes to the agreed upon scope of services to be provided may result in additional charges.  Multiple change orders may incur additional coordination fees.  Any changes resulting in a significant increase in cost (> $300.00) will be communicated to the client for approval.
  8. Services are provided on a first come, first served basis.  We make every effort to accommodate all requests, but there are times when we reach capacity and may not be able to provide support.  Please try and plan ahead and place your orders as early as possible.  Additional coordination and labor charges my apply to last minute requests.
  9. Student groups may use installed AV equipment in general assignment classrooms free of charge. To reserve a technology equipped classroom contact the Office of the Registrar. Some portable equipment can be reserved through ASUC Event Services.  You may also contact your LEAD Center advisor to ask about possible funding options for audio visual support.
  10. Virtual Event Support: The nature of virtual events takes us out of a central, controlled environment to multiple locations where all participants may rely on home internet providers.  Berkeley AV staff will test their own connections and test with presenters ahead of your event. Instability or interruptions in service may impact the event.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Orders canceled between 1-3 business days prior to the event will be charged for all associated labor.  
  2. Orders canceled less than 24 hours (business days) prior to the event will be charged the full estimated amount.

Intellectual Property & Copyright Compliance Policy

Berkeley AV publishes and distributes media recordings in compliance with copyright policies of the University of California where available and is informed by commonly accepted practices of the industry.

Why This Policy Exists

To ensure that media recordings published via affiliated distribution sites fully comply with applicable intellectual property (IP) concerns and copyright law.

Capture of Copyright/IP Authorization

UC Berkeley requires each presenter to provide a signed media release form to be on file with Berkeley AV before the associated media recordings are published to YouTube or affiliated sites.


The Regents of the University of California retain the copyright of all media recordings published to UC Berkeley’s YouTube channels. These recordings are licensed to end users based on the preference of content providers. The default license attached to media recordings for distribution is Creative Commons - non-commercial, attribution, and no derivatives (CC 3.0 license).

Content Take Down

A media recording discovered to violate the IP and Copyright Compliance Policy will be removed in accordance with the Berkeley AV take down policy.