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Research, Teaching, and Learning Services (RTL) partners with the campus to inspire, enrich, and innovate Berkeley’s collective practice and pursuit of teaching and research excellence.

Highlights Across RTL

Bridging the Learning Gap

Explore strategies to build on students' prior knowledge and create a stronger foundation for learning in new contexts.

Wurster 0101

Classroom Technology Services

RTL's classroom team will be further expanding our new course capture, camera, and video conference capabilities baseline to an additional 80+ rooms. This work is in addition to the team's normal classroom refresh (over 30 are planned for 2022). 

Secure Research Data + Computing

Assessing whether your data need certain kinds of precautions, and then finding the appropriate secure environment that allows you to perform your research in the most efficient manner can be a challenging task. Our Research-IT consultants provide front line support for researchers working with sensitive data. 

Tips for Teaching in Summer 2022

Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) is hosting a series of workshops May 3 - 5 highlighting best practices for using campus-supported technologies in any type of class.