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March 29, 2023

Check out the latest issue of Teaching@Berkeley centered on student mental health and exam season. If you missed a past issue, visit the biweekly archive on the Center for Teaching and Learning website.

March 13, 2023

Review the latest updates and ongoing resources available to the Berkeley instructional community.

March 7, 2023

For this edition of "Behind the Scenes of a Classroom Refresh", we bring you 120 Latimer, which received a complete renovation over several months last year during Summer Sessions and the Fall 2022 semester.

March 1, 2023

A new biweekly centered on teaching and learning hot topics and resources hit Berkeley teaching community inboxes today.  Review the biweekly if you missed it and subscribe to future issues.

February 9, 2023

Review RTL's latest news and updates on resources for the instructional and research community.

January 9, 2023

Several improvements to the RTL accessibility portfolio are available for the spring 2023 semester.  These include updates to the Accessibility Basics online course site and the new features, Immersive Reader and WYSIWYG Instructor Feedback tool,  provided by Ally in bCourses.  

January 6, 2023

Review RTL's January special event newsletter with workshops and opportunities that begin on January 9. All events are open to UC Berkeley's instructional community.

December 19, 2022

Review RTL's end of semester update with resources that will help prepare you for the spring semester.

December 14, 2022

Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) will be operating on modified schedules for campus curtailment during the winter break, Friday, December 23 through Monday, January 2. See details below. Emails and requests received during this time will be answered when the campus reopens on January 3, 2023.

December 13, 2022

We are happy to announce a new batch of features and fixes for the SuiteC collaboration tools:

November 14, 2022

Review recommendations from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) intended to assist instructors in supporting undergraduate students’ learning in the event of instructional disruptions.

October 14, 2022

Catch up on the latest news and resources for the instructional and research community: October Newsletter

We are very pleased to announce that Ken Lutz has been named the Chief Research Technology Officer (CRTO) for the campus. This is a new role, intended to elevate the strategic importance of computing infrastructure to the campus research enterprise.  As CRTO, Ken will be responsible for working strategically with campus leadership across research, IT, teaching and administration, to advance solutions to ensure a robust campus computational research infrastructure that supports the evolving needs of our campus’ cutting edge research and teaching. 

October 13, 2022

In the second of our continuing series to give you a peek behind the scenes of technology upgrades in UC Berkeley classrooms, we are taking you to 159 Mulford, which was upgraded over Summer 2022. If you missed our first article, please visit Behind the Scenes of a Classroom Refresh - 100 Lewis Hall and learn what it takes to swap a projector 25 feet up from the floor.

Understanding how and when students are engaged in your class can be challenging in both physical and virtual spaces since students participate differently depending on personality type, cultural background, language fluency, and individual ability. Instructors can use an online discussion platform like Ed Discussion to provide an additional channel for students to express themselves, whether they are teaching in-person or online.

September 16, 2022

Review RTL's latest newsletter on resources and opportunities for the instructional and research community.

September 14, 2022

Changes have been made to the end-of-term teaching evaluations which were endorsed at the end of the 2021-22 academic year by the Divisional Council (DIVCO) of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate.

September 12, 2022

Dr. Jenae Cohn has been announced as the new Executive Director for the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) within Research, Teaching & Learning (RTL). As Executive Director, Jenae will work closely with both Shawna Dark, Chief Academic Technology Officer & Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and Professor Glynda Hull, Faculty Director for CTL. Jenae’s portfolio includes:

August 17, 2022

We’ve recently received information that Piazza Technologies has reached out to many of you directly regarding your instructional use of their product and informing you that their product is now accessible to students with disabilities. Unfortunately, Piazza did not inform us about these developments so we have not verified that their recent release meets the UC accessibility requirements. In addition, Piazza has not been recently reviewed with regards to data security and privacy.

August 12, 2022

Review the August newsletter for the latest on resources and opportunities and don't forget to review the current workshops bring offered by RTL in the special August Events Newsletter.