Student Response Systems (Clickers)

About Student Response Systems

Student Response Systems, also known as “clickers,” “audience response systems,” or "personal response systems" enable instructors to pose questions to students and immediately collect and view the responses of the entire class. Their many uses include increasing student engagement, obtaining real-time feedback, and taking attendance. Many of these systems integrate with bCourses, enabling instructors to easily record student participation in their gradebooks.

Two tools are being licensed and are supported by RTL: iClicker Cloud and Poll Everywhere. These virtual systems allow students to participate at no cost via the web or mobile apps on their personal devices (laptop, tablet, or cell phone) and provide flexibility in case of a pivot in the mode of instruction.

Support for the legacy tool iClicker Classic, which was previously supported by RTL, has been retired. Instructors who wish to have students use only iClicker remotes can do so using iClicker Cloud.

Students in classes in which instructors are using Poll Everywhere or iClicker Cloud who do not have a personal device can check one out on a semester basis via the STEP or for a couple of weeks at a time from the Library Technology Lending program. Student Technology Services also offers iClicker remote lending for classes using iClicker Classic or Cloud that allow the use of iClicker remotes. Information about all lending programs can be found on Student Technology Services Device Lending Program.