Instructors Getting Started with iClicker Cloud

Instructors Getting Started with iClicker Cloud

  1. Get set up with iClicker Cloud if you’ve never used it before:

  2. Set up your course in iClicker Cloud and connect it to your bCourses site:

    1. Create your course in iClicker Cloud

    2. Set your course to use Roster Grade Sync.

    3. Sync your roster. This will pull the names of your students from bCourses, and will send an email to students in your course that don’t already have a UCB iClicker Student account.

    4. (Optional) Share your iClicker Cloud course with co-instructors or TAs.
  3. Create polling questions you’ll use to start:

    • If you’re a former iClicker Classic user and have questions already available in your lecture slides, you can reuse those slides/questions.

    • To create new questions, add them to lecture presentation slides. (iClicker Cloud, like iClicker Classic, does not require you to enter your questions in your account.)

  4. Set up your bCourses site to incorporate use of iClicker Cloud

    • Add information to your syllabus. You can customize the content in this iClicker syllabus template

    • If you were previously an iClicker Classic user, and have imported a previous bCourses site to reuse this semester, make sure to disable the iClicker registration tool in Settings, so as not to confuse students.

  5. Use iClicker Cloud in class

  6. (Optional) After class, sync scores from your iClicker Cloud session(s) to your bCourses Gradebook