bCourses Project Sites

About bCourses

bCourses Project Sites are a collaborative workspace geared towards instructors, support staff, and students already familiar with bCourses. They offer collaborative tools such as wikis and discussion forums, and the ability to add external tools to enhance productivity and online interaction between site members.

Key Benefits

  • Simple file library and easy-to-use communication tools
  • Instructors and staff can create a bCourses Project site, and anyone with a CalNet ID can be invited to join

Is bCourses Right For My Project?

The Berkeley campus offers several web-based collaboration tools with different functionalities and features such as bDrive, Box, and CalShare. In order to select the right collaboration tool for your needs, we recommend you review this comparison chart of online collaboration tools.

Please note: bCourses Project Sites is not acceptable for any institutional data classified as "critical," including certain personally identifiable human subject data. Please visit the Security website for detailed information regarding Level 1 data.