About SuiteC

SuiteC consists of a series of tools that support collaboration, sharing ideas, and making meaning. The SuiteC tools allow students and faculty to use multimodal forms of expression and engage in collaboration to curate and share insights and learning with one another. Learn more about the history of SuiteC:  SuiteC Development Project.

The Tools

Asset Library

The Asset Library is a repository of content in the form of "assets" or artifacts generated by students and instructors. The Asset Library serves as a collection of course resources to support learning. 


The digital Whiteboard tool allows students to sketch ideas, represent dialogue/conversations from group discussions, and serves as a space to bring together different course concepts. The Whiteboard consists of multimodal tools, including being able to re-use existing assets or "Whiteboards" from the course.

Engagement Index

The Engagement Index provides insight into student participation in the online course environment. Students may opt in to a "Leader Board" via this tool to see how their participation and activity on the course site compares to their peers. 

Impact Studio

The Impact Studio provides visualizations about students' contributions to a course and how students interact with each other's contributions. This tool enables fostering a sense of community and provides a space to more easily find collaborators for group projects.