Course Capture

Fall 2022 Invitation emails will go out on August 10th. All instructors scheduled in eligible rooms will be emailed an individualized sign-up link. Please review the "Before Signing Up" section to learn more. 

About Course Capture

Berkeley's Course Capture service offers instructors lecture recording services for their courses and is available in a subset of the General Assignment classrooms. Integrated with bCourses, recorded courses are intended to enhance the learning experience by providing a review tool for students. 

Instructors have the ability to change the way students engage with their classes by allowing for their lectures to be published online for access outside of the classroom. The Course Capture service takes care of recording daily lectures so that all instructors have to do is walk in, turn on their mic and connect their laptop to the projector, and teach the class.

A catalog of Course Capture recordings from previous completed semesters and years can be found at is external) (CAS/CalNet Authentication Required).

Before Signing Up

Departmental Schedulers:

  • Make sure at least one instructor has been entered into Campus Solutions

    • If it is a secondary section, such as discussions, add the GSI as the instructor

    • If it is a deCal, add the student instructor as official instructors

    • Departmental schedulers should enter instructors in the TNIC, TIC, or the NTIC role. 

  • Review recording options with instructors to see which AV features to select for. 


After Signing Up

After Instruction Starts

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

I only want presentation and audio but not camera, or vice versa?

All streams (projection and camera) are recorded if a camera is installed in the room. If you do not wish to appear on camera, please see our KB article on "How to Blank the Camera"

What should I do if there is a room change?

Please email to let us know so we can switch the recording schedule to the new room. 

Can I allow my GSI to edit the recording?

Only official instructors of a course are able to edit recordings. 

To allow your GSI to edit all future recordings, the GSI must be added as an official instructor of the course. Your department scheduler will be able to assist you. 

To allow your GSI to edit existing recordings, you must make a copy of the recording using the Kaltura editor and add your GSIs as collaborators (co-editors)

I have a question about the copyright policy

If I’m unable to get a room with Course Capture, what are my options?

If you are unable to change your classroom, please consider using Zoom Cloud for recording. The recording produced with the Zoom->Kaltura integration is very similar to those from Course Capture. Here is the FAQ for the Zoom->Kaltura integrations.

Please also see our website on Guidance for Departmental Spaces. It includes options for equipment checkout and further recommendations.

How can I use the classroom AV equipment to do hybrid teaching?

Select "Feature: Video Conference Capable" in Classroom Database(link is external) to see which rooms have this capability

How do I link to a Course Capture video?

Please review our KB article: "How do I share media in Kaltura within bCourses?"

How to download dual-stream videos.

Please see our article on "how to download dual-stream videos(TBD)". 

Common Recording Issues

How do I get my recording out of Pending?

Please review our KB article: "Why is my recording listed as Pending?"

The camera stream is missing or is just black.

Please review our KB article: "The camera stream is missing or is a black image"

Why is the presentation or camera view so small?

Users viewing the video are able to adjust how they wish to view Course Capture. Within the Kaltura player, there are controls to choose which individual stream to watch or which player style they would like for dual stream videos. Please see the vendor documentation on Kaltura's Interactive Viewing

Why is there no sound in the recording?

Course Capture records audio that is passed through the microphones in the room. There are a few things you should check at every lecture. 

  • For wireless microphones, battery levels should be at least 2 bars (extra batteries are in the AV box cubby)
  • For wireless microphones, ensure good placement of the lapel mic. (see video below)
  • The microphone is turned ON physically
  • For wired microphones, check that it is not muted in the touch panel. 

Please also see our video guide on how to use the wireless microphone

There is a loud hiss or background noise in my recording.

This is likely because there are multiple microphones that are turned on or unmuted. If you are using a wireless microphone, you will want to mute all the wired microphones on the touch panel. If you are using a wired microphone, you will want to physically turn off the bodypack on the wireless microphone. 

Equipment is not working/missing in the classroom, how do I get help?

Please call the classroom helpdesk number, 510-643-8637

The lecture numbers are not iterating up.

This is a Course Capture and Kaltura limitation. Only official instructors are added as co-editors and only co-editors are able to edit the video title. One can do so by clicking the pencil icon next to the video, or once at the video, click on Actions->Edit. 

Course Capture Alerts & Updates

Service at a Glance

System Availability Fall and Spring semesters
Services and Offerings
  • Projection + Audio Recording

  • Camera without operator + Projection + Audio Recording

  • Camera with operator + Projection + Audio Recording (see rates below)
  • Recordings are accessible to students via bCourses
Eligibility Instructors and Students

Ongoing operations support is free of charge. 

Camera with operator is available for $2,000 per course per semester. (Reduced to $1000 for Fall 21, and $1000 for Spring 22)

Service Level Standard - You have open access to use the service or system.
Service Owner Willa Chan

* Except during scheduled maintenance.