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About Course Capture

Berkeley's Course Capture service offers instructors lecture recording services for their courses and is available in a subset of the General Assignment classrooms. Integrated with bCourses, recorded courses are intended to enhance the learning experience by providing a review tool for students. 

Instructors have the ability to change the way students engage with their classes by allowing for their lectures to be published online for access outside of the classroom. The Course Capture service takes care of recording daily lectures so that all instructors have to do is walk in, turn on their mic and connect their laptop to the projector, and teach the class.

A catalog of Course Capture recordings from previous completed semesters and years can be found at is external) (CAS/CalNet Authentication Required).

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Step 1: Request a Course Capture classroom

In order to use the course capture service, your class must be in a room that is Course Capture capable. Please filter for Feature: Course Capture Capable. 

Step 2: Wait for an invitation email

Instructors who have a primary or secondary section scheduled in a course capture capable room will receive an email from sends e-mail) inviting them to sign up for course capture service. This email is sent roughly two weeks before the first day of instruction. 

Step 3: Review options and sign up

The invitation email will include a link to the sign-up form which allows instructors to choose different recording and publishing options. Please review the instructor getting started page or watch our video to learn more about these options. 

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Instructors will also be asked to read and agree to the Course Capture policies. Once recordings are scheduled, Instructors will receive a confirmation email.

Step 4: How to access and share recordings

Review our help article “How do I view a Course Capture recording?”(link is external)

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Course Capture FAQs

Course Capture FAQs

Who has access to Course Capture recordings?

How do students access Course Capture recordings?

How do I get placed in a room with Course Capture?

What are my Course Capture options?

Depending on which room the course is assigned to, there may be a few recording options available. In addition to recording options, there are also two publishing options to choose from. Please see our Instructor Getting Started webpage for more information. The video on How to sign up? also covers the options during the signup process.

What do I do when I am in the classroom?

If you are not going to be utilizing the Video Conference feature, all you need to do is put on and turn on the microphone. To avoid problems and get the best audio quality, please view this quick video on Using a Lavaliere Microphone, and read the information for Microphone Guidelines. If you will be utilizing Video Conferences such as Zoom, please review our documentation (will be posted soon) and if desired, set up a classroom orientation prior to the start of the semester.

What if I need help when I am in the classroom?

If you need support, the best options to receive immediate assistance are through the live chat service or Drop In Helpdesk for Zoom (Zoom link). You may also call our classroom support line at 510-643-8637. Hours for support are M-F, 8 am - 5 pm excluding campus holidays. For more information about classroom support options this semester, visit the Classroom Tech Support webpage.

If I’m unable to get a room with Course Capture, what are my options?

If you are unable to change your classroom, please consider using Zoom Cloud for recording. The recording produced with the Zoom->Kaltura integration is very similar to those from Course Capture. Here is the FAQ for the Zoom->Kaltura integrations.

Please also see our website on Guidance for Departmental Spaces. It includes options for equipment checkout and further recommendations.

I have a question about the copyright policy.

Please refer to UCOP copyright resources.