RTL Services and Programs

RTL Services and Programs

We provide a wide range of services and programs in support of research, teaching, and learning on campus. Our sortable catalog below can you help you find the service(s) to fit your needs.

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Academic Innovation Studio (AIS)

The Academic Innovation Studio is a campus resource center that brings together UC Berkeley instructors, researchers and service providers to foster innovation in teaching, learning and research. The AIS provides support, workshops, and much more.

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity services at Berkeley provide students and instructors tools that integrate with bCourses Assignments and Quizzes to promote compliance with Berkeley's Honor Code. These opt-in tools are enabled through bCourses, allowing Instructors and GSIs to restrict student access to external resources during Quizzes or review Assignment submissions for originality.

Ally in bCourses

Ally is a set of tools within bCourses that helps make course content more accessible by allowing students and instructors to convert files to HTML, EPUB, electronic braille or MP3 (audio). The Ally tool also provides instructors with visual indicators gauging the accessibility of source files and assigns an accessibility score to each uploaded file.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology offers a variety of tools to assist Berkeley instructors and students who require adaptive or assistive technology for teaching and learning including assistive listening technology, ADA compliant computers + software and alt.media conversion.


bCourses is Berkeley's official campus Learning Management System (LMS), using the open-source Canvas platform. This tool provides a resource for instructors and students to enrich the teaching and learning experience. bCourses is integrated with our Academic Integrity, Clickers, CalCentral, Course Capture, SuiteC, and Gradescope services.

bCourses Project Sites

bCourses Project Sites support Berkeley courses requiring an online space beyond the standard bCourses course sites. Designed to assist instructors and course-based projects, these sites provide an academics-focused collaboration area.

Berkeley Audio Visual (BAV)

Berkeley Audio Visual provides our campus with professional event technology support including PA systems, audio/video recording services, live webcasting, and online media publishing.

BerkeleyX (edX)

BerkeleyX helps UC Berkeley instructors and staff develop, launch and run open online courses using the edX platform.


BOA (Berkeley Online Advising) provides academic advisors unified student data from multiple campus services to access information that supports student success.

Classroom Technology Support

Classroom Technology Support (CTS) is your General Assignment Classroom (GAC) AV support team. CTS provides on-call help, GAC technology orientations, and equipment consultations.

Consulting for Instructors

Keep your teaching moving forward with new approaches, effective strategies and resources through consultations, workshops, and other quick support options.

Course Capture

Berkeley's Course Capture service offers instructors lecture recording services for their courses. Integrated with bCourses, recorded courses are intended to enhance the learning experience by providing a review tool for students.

Course Design Tools

Course Design Tools provides instructors with resources to develop pedagogically sound remote courses. This service includes the DLS Core Template, developed by Digital Learning Services using bCourses’ built-in course construction and management tools.

Course Evaluations

Course Evaluations at Berkeley offers departments the opportunity to coordinate course evaluations through a customizable online system with easy management and reporting. This campus-provided common-good service is managed by RTL and is available to departments who have opted into the service.


Berkeley Datahub is a JupyterHub infrastructure that ensures that all students and instructors share a common computing environment, data sources, and storage for their notebooks in the cloud.

DIY Media

The Do-It-Yourself Media Service is intended to support instructors looking to add video to their teaching techniques. Instructors can use DIY Media facilities and support resources to create video content for online lectures, flipped classroom activities, blended learning materials, tutorial videos and more.


Gradescope is a suite of tools designed to accommodate a common grading workflow. The software can reveal valuable statistics about students work, and provide a path for students to request re-grades of questions.

Instructional Computer Facilities

Instructional Computer Facilities offer UC Berkeley instructors as well as campus and local groups computer classrooms that can be scheduled for a semester or as needed for computer/software-based instruction and workshops.

Instructional Equipment Checkout

Instructional Equipment Checkout provides instructors additional technology beyond the standard equipment in General Assignment and department classrooms across UC Berkeley.


Kaltura is a web-based video management platform that allows for the upload, editing, managing and sharing of videos and other media. Kaltura can be accessed from bCourses (Canvas).

Moffitt Makerspace

The Moffitt Makerspace is a general access Makerspace on the first floor of Moffitt Library. The goal of this exciting initiative is to create an opportunity for all members of the UC Berkeley community to explore maker-related activities and to serve as a referral point to direct participants to locations for further exploration. Note: The Moffitt Makerspace will re-open on 8/25 when Fall instruction begins on-campus. For the most up-to-date Makerspace information, visit

Online Discussions

Online Discussions allow students to participate in an asynchronous conversation with a group or the entire class, and there are several options available for UC Berkeley courses. These include bCourses built-in discussion tool, and integrated platform, Ed Discussion.

Research IT

Research IT provides research computing technologies, consulting, and community for the Berkeley campus. Our fundamental goal is to help campus faculty and students with their research by providing the best IT tools as inexpensively as possible.

Student Response Systems (Clickers)

Student Response Systems, also known as “Clickers,” “audience response systems,” and "classroom response systems" enable instructors to pose questions to students and immediately collect and view the responses of the entire class.


SuiteC provides bCourses users with additional tools to support student engagement and collaboration.

Zoom for Instruction

"Zoom for Instruction" provides workshops, consultations and other support for Berkeley instructors using Zoom.