About Us

With strategic positioning at the intersection of undergraduate education, pedagogy, and research technology, RTL operates under a matrixed approach to governance through campus collaboration with faculty, academic partners, staff, and students.

Advisory Groups and Campus Partnerships 

RTL prioritizes the voices of instructors, researchers, students, and staff to drive the strategic direction of their needs at Berkeley. Given these multiple stakeholders, we take advantage of a network of senate and advisory groups who provide input and guidance to ensure our work enhances research, teaching and learning and supports effective decision-making that aligns with the campus mission. These groups include:

  • Academic Senate Committee on Teaching (COT)
  • Academic Senate Committee on Technology (CIT)
  • Berkeley Research Community
  • Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty Advisors
  • Classroom Study Group / CCPM
  • Instructional Resilience and Enhancement Fee Advisory Group (IREF)
  • KALX Advisory Board
  • RTL Executive Advisory Group

Bi-annual Meetings

RTL convenes a bi-annual open meeting with representatives from each of these above groups and partnerships under our RTL Advisory Group to update our campus stakeholders about our progress in supporting the mission of the campus and to celebrate their valued contribution.  We also take advantage of this group to identify user needs, advise us on strategy, and support us in various working groups.