SuiteC Students Getting Started

Students, if your instructors are using one or both of the SuiteC tools- the Asset Library and Engagement Index- read below for information that you may find useful for getting started on using them to collaborate and share resources in bCourses. 

Overview of the tools

Asset Library

This tool consists of a thumbnail-view, infinite-scroll mediafeed where students and instructors can post and view media of most all file formats (urls, gif, jpgs, pdfs, docx). Students can like, comment, and track views on posted media, as well as browse the web and curate media back into the Library while maintaining a link to the original web source.

Asset Library tutorials:

Engagement Index

The Engagement Index provides a high-level view into student participation in the course. It tracks student activity on the site and displays this activity as a numerical score on a course leaderboard. Teachers can customize the point value of various site activities, such as awarding one point for ‘liking’ someone’s post and two points for having one’s worked ‘liked.’


Whiteboards offer an infinite canvas where students can invite each other to a blank slate, and synchronously create multimedia content, which is then published back into the Asset Library. The editor tools include text, basic shapes, freehand drawing, layering, resizing and rotating and rearranging of object layers. Students can also directly access the Asset Library to import media, such as movies, images, pdfs, or GIFs

Student Manual

View the SuiteC Student Manual (adapted from the Instructor Support Package) to find detailed information and FAQs on how to use each tool.

Student FAQs

Do the SuiteC tools work on mobile?

The SuiteC tools will not work when using the Canvas App on a mobile device. However, there is some, albeit limited, functionality when using the browser on your mobile device, which varies depending on the mobile platform and browser. For optimal performance of these tools, it is best to use a laptop or desktop with a stable internet connection.

Can I opt-out of the Engagement Index?

 Do talk with your instructor, first, and let them know that you do not want to participate in this leaderboard-type of activity, in case they are using it as one of the ways to grade your participation in the class.