SuiteC Instructors Getting Started

SuiteC Getting Started

For instructions on enabling the SuiteC tools in your bCourses site, please see this help article: How do I enable the SuiteC tools?

Instructor Manual

A full guide on all of the SuiteC tools and features is available in the Instructor Support Package.

Join the Professional Learning Community

Want to try out SuiteC but don’t want to use a live course site? Join the Professional Learning Community to "kick the tires" and engage with your colleagues on how to best use the tools.


Do the SuiteC tools work on mobile?

The SuiteC tools will not work when using the Canvas App on a mobile device. However, there is some, albeit limited, functionality when using the browser on your mobile device, which varies depending on the mobile platform and browser. For optimal performance of these tools, it is best to use a laptop or desktop with a stable internet connection.

I only want to use one of the tools. Do I have to enable all three tools in order for one of them to work?

You do not need to enable all three tools in order for only one of them to work, however some features may not be available. For example, if you are using the Whiteboard but have the Engagement Index disabled, users will not be able to "like" an asset. If you have the Asset Library disabled, you will still be able to comment on assets uploaded via the Whiteboard, and any links or content that you add to a Whiteboard will still be stored in the Asset Library and can be viewed as individual items via the Whiteboard, even though the whole library is not visible to users.