Getting Started

Is bCourses Right For My Project Site?

The Berkeley campus offers several web-based collaboration tools with different functionalities and features such as bDrive, Box, and CalShare. In order to select the right collaboration tool for your needs, we recommend you review this comparison chart of online collaboration tools: bDrive vs. Box vs. CalShare vs. bCourses Projects: What's the best choice for online collaboration?

Create a Project Site

If you feel that bCourses is the right fit for your Project, see this help article to create your site: Create a Project Site

Roles & Permissions

In order to help Project participants with their transition from bSpace to bCourses, we have matched the roles in bSpace sites to the ones in bCourses. The configuration of roles for your Project site will depend on your particular project needs. Review the the permissions for each role below.



The Owner role should be reserved for the owner(s) of the site.



The Designer role has all the power of the Owner except for the ability to add other Teachers, Designers & TAs.



The Maintainer role has some management abilities including the ability to add and delete files.



Members can be assigned assignments and quizzes, and can only add and remove files within groups.



Observers can view shared content within the site, but can not see People list or contribute to discussions.

Add People to Your Site

Owners are the only ones who can add people (with specific roles) to their sites. See the following bCourses help article for step-by-step instructions on adding people: