Students Getting Started with iClicker Cloud

Students Getting Started with iClicker Cloud

Get set up in a few easy steps before the first class in which your instructor will use iClicker Cloud.

  1. Create a student account. UC Berkeley requires that students sign in to iClicker through the campus portal.
  2. Add your course. Your instructor can add students to the iClicker course with the bCourses integration, a join code, or a join link.
  3. Register your remote (optional). If your instructor requires you to use an iClicker remote in class, register the remote in your iClicker Student account.
  4. Participate in class. Open the mobile app or sign in to the web app, join your course, and respond to questions as they appear.

Note: The iClicker Student App is free for Berkeley students!

There is no need to purchase an iClicker remote unless your instructor explicitly requires them and does not allow the use of the app.

If this is the case, you may be able to borrow one from Student Technology Services; Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students are given priority for these devices.

See the Student Technology Services Device Lending Program page for information about iClicker lending.