Students Getting Started with iClicker Cloud

Note: The iClicker Student app is free for Berkeley students! (There is no need to get an iClicker remote unless your instructor has explicitly said that they require you to use the remote and will not allow the use of the app. If this is the case, you may be able to borrow one from Student Technology Services; EOP students are given priority for these devices. See the Student Technology Services Device Lending Program page.)

Students Getting Started with iClicker Cloud

  1. Get set up before the first class in which your instructor will use iClicker Cloud:

    1. If you do not already have one, create an iClicker Student account (You may get email prompting you to get this account when your instructor first sets up their course and syncs to your course site’s roster. Make sure to set up only one iClicker Student account.) 

      1. When prompted for Institution, make sure to select University of California Berkeley

      2. DO NOT PAY FOR A SUBSCRIPTION. If you selected University of California Berkeley as your institution, you should not be prompted to pay for a subscription. If you are, send an email to

    2. If your instructor’s course is not already listed when you open the iClicker Student app, you should add your instructor's course to your Courses list. 

    3. If your instructor is requiring you to use an iClicker remote in class, register the remote in your iClicker Student account
  2. Use the iClicker Student app in class: Open the mobile app or sign in to the web app, join your course, and respond to questions as they appear. (Or, if you are using an iClicker remote, simply respond to polls using the buttons on the remote; your instructor will be using a base that is collecting responses.)