Wi-Fi Tips


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Wi-Fi Tips

The following tips are best practices for avoiding issues with student responses not being registered due to occasional Wi-Fi instability.


  1. Use an ethernet connection, if available.
  2. Begin after 5 minutes.
    • Avoid starting a poll right at the beginning of class when many devices join the network.
  3. Start slow.
    • Allow students 120 seconds to respond to the first poll and 60-90 seconds after that. As everyone becomes accustomed to submitting responses, you can pick up the pace.


  1. Toggle Wi-Fi off and on when you arrive in the classroom.
    • Resetting Wi-Fi prevents you from connecting to a distant Wi-Fi access point as you travel across campus.
  2. Connect to the Eduroam network.
  3. Forget the CalVisitor network.*

*When your device remembers both campus networks, it may try to swap between them. This behavior results in what appears to be a connection issue but instead may be network confusion.

For more information, see the help article: eduroam and CalVisitor should not be both configured on a device