Student Response Systems (Clickers) Service Updates

January 12, 2022

What’s new?

After running pilots of iClicker Cloud and Poll Everywhere in Fall 2021, Research, Teaching, and Learning is licensing both tools at no cost to students or instructors. Support for iClicker Classic is being phased out.

Why the change?

These cloud-based systems allow students to participate via the web or mobile apps on their personal devices (laptop, tablet, or phone). Students have been requesting this functionality for years, as purchasing a single-purpose iClicker remote and/or multiple subscriptions is burdensome for many.

These systems also can successfully transition between physical and virtual spaces, whereas systems relying on dedicated iClicker remotes can only be used in a classroom. This provides expanded support for hybrid and online participation, and allows for continuity of curriculum in the event the university has to pivot between instructional modes.

In addition, these systems enable instructors to ask a broader array of question types beyond multiple choice, including short answer text or numeric, and data resides securely in the cloud rather than on the instructor’s computer. While we are aware that some instructors are concerned about Wi-Fi connectivity, fixes applied during the fall semester have fully resolved previous issues with network stability and system capacity. We have also compiled a list of tips for helping students get and stay connected.

How can I get started?

To get started with either system, start on our Getting Started pages:

Send questions about getting started with either system to
Faculty and GSIs can request 1:1 consultations via Calendly.

Workshops covering getting started with each tool will be held during the weeks of January 10 and 17. Please see RTL’s Upcoming Events page for dates and registration links.

What if I’ve used iClicker Classic in the past?

Instructors are strongly recommended to switch to iClicker Cloud or Poll Everywhere, and will find that using iClicker Cloud during class is very similar to the Classic experience. iClicker Cloud can be set to permit the use of iClicker remotes (though with student costs in mind, we are discouraging a requirement that students use an iClicker remote.) Alternatively, you may want to use this as an opportunity to switch to a new tool, Poll Everywhere.

Instructors will still be able to use iClicker Classic software, and the integration between iClicker Classic and bCourses will continue to function through the end of the Spring semester, however, RTL support for using iClicker Classic will be limited. In most cases, questions or issues about iClicker Classic will be referred to the vendor’s support staff.

What resources are there for students?

Students in classes who do not have a personal device can check one out for the Spring 2022 semester via the STEP Program, or for a couple of weeks at a time from the Library Technology Lending program. Student Technology Services also offers iClicker remote lending for classes using iClicker Classic or Cloud that allow the use of iClicker remotes; EOP students are given priority for these devices. Information about all lending programs can be found on the Student Technology Services (STS) Device Lending Program.

Additionally, STS Helpdesk Support provides free tech support to all graduate, professional and undergraduate students at UC Berkeley.