RSVP for a First Look at Upcoming Classroom Technology Improvements

June 6, 2024

This past month, Berkeley’s Classroom Technology team in Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) launched a major update of our classrooms with a new standard that will be implemented across campus over the next few years. Notable functionality of this new standard includes microphones built into the ceiling, wireless display, interactive whiteboards with annotation features, and easy remote connections over Zoom without the need to bring in your own device. The goal of this new standard is to create memorable and meaningful experiences for our students while providing opportunities to enhance teaching and learning. 

To learn more about and experience the new technology, RTL is hosting a “First Look” of the technology in 219 Dwinelle, on Tuesday, June 11, 11am - 1pm. If you are interested in attending (light refreshments will be provided), please RSVP via the Google Form to receive an invitation via bCal.