Technology Refresh Updates and Roadmap

This page includes information on the upcoming roadmap and past accomplishments of the Classroom Technology Services team and our key partners in maintaining our General Assignment classrooms.

Completed - Spring 2024 Upgrades

Themes: Tackle  technical debt and bring our classrooms to current equipment standard; implement new technology from recent pilot and instructor feedback

  • Bring 29 classrooms fully to the current classroom technology standard while also adding technology to enable improved support capabilities such as remote monitoring of wireless microphone system and ability to remotely power cycle A/V equipment
    • This work includes adding Course Capture and Video Conferencing capabilities to 1 classroom.
  • Based on feedback from the Classroom of the Future pilot, begin limited roll out of beamforming ceiling microphone and wireless microphone charging stations to 10 small Social Sciences classrooms
  • Technology refresh for 110 Social Sciences (Active Learning Classroom)
  • Manual screens replaced for 9 classrooms

In Progress - Summer 2024 Updates

Themes: Pimentel and Active Learning Classroom refreshes

  • Update 219 Dwinelle from Classroom of the Future classroom to the new classroom technology standard; this will provide an opportunity to gather instructor feedback for any final adjustments to the standard before the first semester roll out in Fall 2024
  • Technology refresh for Pimentel Auditorium, including replacing the 3 large projection screens
  • Classroom technology refresh for 3 Active Learning Classrooms - 230 Mulford, 118 Social Sciences, 122 Social Sciences
    • This work includes adding Course Capture and Video Conferencing capabilities to 2 classrooms, completing the current classroom refresh cycle and bringing these capabilities to all General Assignment classrooms that are not slated for decommissioning in 2025
  • Update 300 Wheeler (GA classroom starting in Fall 2024) with new classroom standard

Planned Fall and Winter 2024 Updates

Theme: First set of classrooms getting our next technology standard

Planned Spring 2025 Updates

Theme: Second set of classrooms getting our next technology standard

  • 10-15 small classrooms in the refreshed with the  new classroom technology standard

Past Updates

Completed Fall and Winter 2024 Work

  • 101 Barker - full classroom renovation with campus partners
  • 180 Tan - classroom technology refresh
  • Added Course Capture capability to 15 more classrooms bringing the total Course Capture capable classrooms to 180
  • Added Video Conferencing capability to 27 more classrooms bringing the total Video Conferencing capable classrooms to 180

Completed Spring and Summer 2023 Work

  • Completed! 8 classrooms have been refreshed in Summer 2023, including 245 Li Ka Shing.
  • Added Classroom of the Future features (i.e. beamforming microphones, native Zoom Room video conferencing, wireless presentation) to 4 classrooms - 219 Dwinelle, 155 Dwinelle, 245 Li Ka Shing, and 177 Stanley (GA Classroom starting in Spring 2024)
  • In addition, the classroom team has as added 12 more Course Capture capable (165 total classrooms) and 34 more Video Conference capable (151 total) classrooms since January 2023.