Design and Engineering

About Design and Engineering

The Design and Engineering group provides planning, design, installation, and maintenance support for technology in the General Assignment classrooms on campus. The Design and Engineering team also maintains a set of technology standards it uses in deploying AV/IT in the general assignment classrooms. These standards are available for reference for anyone considering technology options when building or upgrading teaching and learning spaces.

As of Fall 2015, the RTL Design and Engineering group transitioned away from its recharge service of providing on-call, full-scale audio-visual IT (A/V-IT) maintenance and installation services for campus departments. With the increasing use of AV-IT in teaching and learning at Berkeley,  RTL identified the need to focus its limited AV-IT resources on supporting the design, installation, and maintenance of AV-IT in the general assignment classrooms on campus.

Meanwhile, the general AV-IT needs of campus departments are increasingly well met by the marketplace of AV-IT integrators in the Bay Area. For AV design and installation requirements for our campus colleagues, please visit the following page for recommended AV-IT integrators: