About Classroom Technology Support

Classroom Technology Support (CTS) is the UC Berkeley General Assignment Classroom (GAC) AV support team. CTS provides on-call support as well as classroom technology and equipment consultations. CTS supports the use of up-to-date and accessible technology in UC Berkeley’s GACs.

The CTS team seeks to assist your technical needs so that your class sessions may progress smoothly and uninterrupted. In the case that something does not go as planned, we are committed to providing full support until the issue is resolved.

Visit ourActive Learning Classroompage to learn about a special subset of the GAC that we support in partnership with the Center for Teaching & Learning.

The CTS team works hand-in-hand with theDesign and Engineering teamto create the A/V-IT classrooms technology systems and seamless support from installation to classroom use. In addition, we collaborate with the Office of the Registrar and the Physical Plant Campus Services to maintain classroom equipment, fixtures and supplies in GAC.

This collaborative enterprise caters to your classroom needs as highlighted in the table below and can be contacted via the Classroom Central Hotline number:

Classroom Central Hotline for all General Assignment Classroom related needs: 510-642-2800

Ext. 1

ETS Classroom Technology Support

Classroom technology equipment issue (projectors, microphone & batteries, technical assistance)

Ext. 2

Office of the Registrar

Classroom Furniture issue (windows blinds and shades, room scheduling, furniture questions, chalkboard & whiteboard supplies)

Ext. 3

Physical Plant Campus Services

Building maintenance issue (lighting, temperature, water conservation, graffiti, screens)