Large Enrollment Special Services

Courses at Berkeley with a large enrollment size (approx. 300 or more students) are assigned to our auditoriums or another general assignment classroom that has capacity for larger courses. These larger rooms and auditoriums are designed with different capabilities and features from the normal general assignment classrooms. Review our services below to support these larger classrooms.


Course Capture with Operator

Pimentel 1 and Wheeler 150 are both auditoriums that come with the special option of requesting an operator for your class. The cost per semester is $2000 per class.

The operator is a dedicated technician that works in the booth during your class throughout the semester. The operator is trained to assist with the following:

  • Checking in at the start of class for help with technical set up
  • First line support if anything goes wrong during your lecture
  • Tracking instructor with the camera for a more engaging lecture recording
  • Project demos + chalkboards to the projector for visibility
  • Can do special requests / demos (with the appropriate heads up)

Learn more on the Course Capture service page.

Zoom Room

Currently the following GA rooms have been outfitted with a built-in Zoom Room:

Capabilities of a Zoom Room:

  • Videoconferencing available in room without the need for a laptop
  • Interactive whiteboard and annotation
  • Wireless computer projection
  • Rear displays to show meeting information / participants

Zoom for Instruction

Teaching a class with more than 300 students? Please email (link sends e-mail) to find out more about our support for large classrooms using zoom pro or webinars.

Learn more about this service on the Zoom for Instruction page.


How do I sign up for the with operator option for course capture?

The Course Capture team will send out an email to all instructors before the semester begins asking if they'd like to sign up for Course Capture. If you are in Pimentel or Wheeler 150, you can request the "Course Capture with Operator" option via the link that is sent to you.