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Spring 2023 Updates!

  • Completed! 11 classrooms have been refreshes in Fall 2023.
  • Major renovation, including A/V upgrade completed in 120 Latimer.
  • In addition, the classroom team has as added 29 more Course Capture capable (153 total classrooms) and 40 more Video Conference capable (117 total) classrooms since August 2022.

Before the Start of the Semester

  • Once you receive your classroom assignment, visit our Classroom Database to review the technology available in the room as well as user guides and helpful videos on using the equipment.

  • Schedule a classroom consultation to learn how to use the technology in your assigned classroom.  Please note we are not able to schedule consultations during the first 2 weeks of classes due to the volume of semester startup activities.

  • If you are teaching in a space with Course Capture capabilities, please visit our Course Capture Service to learn how to sign up for this option.

  • Assigned to a departmental space? We can still help.
    • Check out our Departmental Spaces page to get guidance and resources in planning for enhanced live stream and lesson recording capacity in departmental classrooms and other learning spaces.
    • If your classroom does not include technology that supports your instructional needs, we may be able to help with our Instructional Equipment Checkout service.

    • Schedule a consultation with us if you need further guidance.

During the Semester

  • Experience any issues and need immediate attention?

    • Give us a call at 510-643-8637 and our staff can solve the problem and let you get back to teaching
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  • For non-urgent issues and questions, please contact us via