Instructors & GSIs Getting Started

Instructors and GSIs Get Started with Gradescope

Berkeley has a site license for access to Gradescope. All features and functionality are freely available to instructors.

To get started:

  1. Login to Gradescope using your CalNet to create your instructor account
  2. Add the Gradescope link to the course navigation in your bCourses site
  3. Click the new Gradescope menu item to Create Your Gradescope course (or link to a course you've already created)
  4. Sync your Gradescope course to the bCourses roster
  5. Create a bCourses assignment to add an item to the gradebook
    • Set submission type as "External Tool", then click "Find" and select "Gradescope". Set a point value, then Save (and publish)
    • The page will re-load with Gradescope embedded where you can Create your Gradescope assignments
  6. Link your Gradescope assignment to the bCourses assignment/gradebook (follow instructions for "LTI 1.0 + API")
  7. Refer to these support articles or this video for additional details