Video Production Resources

Digital Media Libraries

See UC Berkeley Library Video Streaming Resources to learn more about Kanopy, Lumiere, and other sources of pre-licensed classroom-ready media

Note that public YouTube videos can be saved into bCourses Media Galleries for more secure private classroom viewing. See vendor guide: Add Media from YouTube

Looking for help finding a digital media resource or digitizing film or other non-digital media? The UC Berkeley Media Resources Center can help locate digital files and/or make digital copies of materials for research and teaching. 

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Video Production

Kaltura How-To and Best Practices Guide

LinkedIn Learning Resources: Video ProductionVideo Post-Production

DIY Media Service (Facility + Hardware/Software for Instructional Media Production)

DIY Captioning in Kaltura (See "DIY Captioning" Section of Kaltura Accessibility)

Instructional Equipment Checkout

Digital Media Software