Kaltura Students Getting Started

Students' Access to Kaltura

Kaltura is available to students in most bCourses sites;  unless the instructor has explicitly disabled My Media and Media Gallery, students should see My Media and Media Gallery  in the site navigation menu. 

My Media is your personal repository of media. Despite the fact that My Media appears in course site navigation, media in your My Media can only be seen by you, unless you publish the media or add collaborators. You can get media into your My Media by uploading existing media files, linking to existing YouTube recordings, recording new content with the Express Capture function, or using the Kaltura Capture desktop application.  You can also take advantage of the  Zoom to Kaltura integration: any Zoom meetings you record to the Cloud will be copied to your My Media.

Media Gallery is bCourses site-specific and contains content that the instructor has chosen to add to the site Instructors may also allow students to contribute to their site’s Media Gallery. In addition, users (both instructors and students) may add Kaltura media content to other areas in bCourses, such as in Announcements, Discussions or Assignments. Kaltura has features to help students use video content provided by their instructors in various ways that thay may aid in learning and studying.

UC Berkeley Kaltura Knowledgebase Articles

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Kaltura Vendor Guides

Note: In some cases, vendor guides will reference features that have not been enabled or have been implemented differently at UC Berkeley. Also, please note that  the terms “Canvas” and “KAF” in these articles are referring to bCourses; “bCourses” is UC Berkeley’s name for the Canvas LMS.  

How to Use My Media 

Kaltura Express Capture.

Add Media from YouTube

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How to Edit Media

Creating and Editing Media in Canvas (video tutorials)


The Kaltura service launch was made possible through the generous support of the UC Berkeley Student Technology Fund.