Devices to Support Remote and Hybrid Instruction

For more information on the detail of this service and how to submit a reservation request, please visit the Getting Started page.

Note: Check out our Classroom Database before you submit an equipment reservation; the classroom you are assigned to may already have the equipment you need.


Notes and why you might want this equipment?

HD Webcam - USB

  • Improve quality of your video for remote instruction

Headset with Microphone - USB

  • Improve quality of your microphone audio and isolate output sound via a headset for remote instruction
Desktop Microphone - USB
Hybrid Video Conferencing Kit (Webcam and Speakerphone/Mic) - USB
  • Enable video conferencing in small to medium size classrooms to enhance hybrid instruction
Document Camera (Portable) USB only (for home use)

USB-C to USB-B cable

USB-A to USB-B cable