Ally Getting Started

Students Getting Started

Using Ally, students can convert files uploaded to bCourses into PDF, HTML, EPUB, Electronic Braille, MP3 (audio), BeeLine Reader, and foreign language translations. Students can generate file types that work best for them without instructor assistance. Besides helping students with disabilities, these alternative formats can help English language learners and students with diverse learning preferences (mobile, audio, larger font sizes, etc.). 

Instructors Getting Started

Ally integrates into bCourses wherever uploaded files appear. It provides visual indicators next to the uploaded course documents so instructors can see accessibility scores and learn how to create more accessible source files (note: students cannot access the visual indicators).

Instructors can select an Ally visual indicator to receive additional information regarding the accessibility of the correlating document. This additional information includes advice on how to improve the document's accessibility score.

Student Overview

Ally Tutorial for Students at UC Berkeley

Ally tutorial for instructors using bCourses

Ally tutorial for instructors using bCourses