Media Releases

How to submit the University of California Berkeley media release forms to Berkeley AV

The University of California requires a signed UC Berkley media release form for each presenter(1) appearing in a broadcast program(2) to be on file with Berkeley AV before we are authorized to publish video and/or audio of the event. Individuals appearing in multiple events must sign and submit the UC Berkeley media release form for each event in which they appear. Berkeley AV is not authorized to release audio or video material to the public until we have received a copy of the signed agreements from all presenters appearing in a broadcast program.

Berkeley AV supports an all-digital process for submitting University of California Berkeley media release forms, allowing Berkeley AV clients to capture an electronic signature and submit signed media release forms via email. Please do not ask guest speakers to send documents directly to Berkeley AV! Rather, collect and archive all signed documents from your presenters before submitting them in a single batch transmission.

Berkeley AV provides the following release form that has been approved for use by the UC Office of Legal Affairs:

EVENTS - Media Release Form for all presenters

Here is the process for submitting signed media release forms to Berkeley AV:

Digital Submissions

  1. Download the appropriate release form and complete the information at top of the form.

  2. Save the PDF file to your desktop. Please add the Berkeley AV order number, Project ID number in the file name to facilitate processing.

  3. Attach the file in an email to the speaker, and ask that they complete the form.  Please note that all information on the form must be entered before a digital signature can be applied.

  4. Collect all media releases before submitting them to Berkeley AV for processing, and file copies for your own records. Please email all media releases for an event in a single transmission to sends e-mail) and include the Project ID number in the subject heading.

For answers to some common questions about the media release form and submission process, please see our FAQ page.

Please direct questions about the University's copyright and permissions agreement policies to the UC Berkeley Office of Legal Affiars.(link is external)

(1) "Presenter" is defined as any individual with a significant speaking role in the broadcast program (e.g. Master(s) of Ceremony, introductions, lecturers, panelists, etc.).

(2) "Broadcast Program" is defined as the edited final master for publication. Individuals who participated in an event but do not appear in the broadcast program are not required to submit a signed media release form.