Berkeley AV Rates

All items require labor for delivery, setup/breakdown or operation.  Labor charges will be calculated by ETS staff based on the needs of each individual event or job.

We accept checks, Visa, Mastercard and departmental chartstrings.

Non-UC Rates:  Non-UC clients will incur an additional surcharge.



Hourly Rate

Events Technology Specialist*




Events Coordination


Student Assistant




*Overtime will be charged at one and one-half times this rate.

Berkeley Video Services

Professional Video Production

ItemHalf Day RateDaily Rate
C300 Camera Package NA $550
4K Camera NA $350
Field Audio Package NA $150
Production lights/grip NA $150
Furniture (oak table and chairs) NA $50
Furniture (2 interview chairs) NA $400
In House Animation Support NA $850
Post Production Editing Station NA $850
Teleprompter NA $125
Content Licensing (1-3 minutes film) NA $200
Content Licensing (3-5 minute film) NA $250

Berkeley AV (à la carte)

Audio Visual and Live Event Recording Services

ItemHalf Day RateDay Rate
Digital Video Playback/Record Deck NA $40
Spider Pod NA $100
Wireless Microphone and Receiver NA $50
Wired Microphone NA $10
Headset Microphone NA $25
Wired Instrument Microphone NA $15
3-4 Channel Mixer NA $25
4 Channel Auto Mixer or 6 Channel Standard Mixer NA $50
6 Channel Mixer NA $50
8 Channel Digital Mixer NA $50
10 Channel Mixer NA $75
16 Channel Mixer NA $75
10 Channel Interface NA $45
Passive Mic Splitter NA $60
Audio Press Pool NA $75
iPod NA $15
CD Player NA $20
PA: Small or Medium Portable PA Speaker with Stand NA $25
PA: Large Portable PA Speaker with Stand NA $40
Computer Speaker (pair) NA $10
Flat Panel Monitor - 42" NA $100
Flat Panel Monitor - 55" NA $100
Projection Screen - 6' NA $10
Projection Screen - 8' NA $15
Projection Screen - 7.5' x 10' NA $175
Laser Pointer NA $5
Lighting Kit NA $75
Uplight Kit NA $40
Recorder: MP3 NA $25
DVD/Blu-ray Player NA $25
Data Projector - 4-5K Lumens NA $125
Data Projector - Short Throw 6.5K Lumens NA $175
VGA Simple Switcher NA $10
Switcher 4-8 channel NA $100
Video Scaler (HDMI) NA $25
Video Scan Converter - HD NA $120
Laptop (PC or Mac) NA $25
Wireless Powerpoint Remote NA $5
Web Camera (USB) NA $25
Logitech Video Conference Camera NA $50
Zoom Webinar Account NA $150
HD Camera - Basic NA $150
Electric vehicle (per trip) NA $25

Web Distribution Packages

Package includes: job set-up, video ingest, basic editing, encoding, master file, archival, and distribution to UC Berkeley on YouTube  or file delivery.

ItemPer Program
One hour program $140
Two hour program $150
Three hour program             $160
Audio Only $108

On-Site Event Video Production Package

Packages include all necessary equipment.  Onsite technician required and is charged separately.

ItemHalf Day RateDay Rate
Camera Package NA $300
Powerpoint Capture NA $100
Live Switching NA $335
Live Streaming NA $305