Kaltura in bCourses changes due to upgrade to LTI 1.3

December 28, 2023

Be prepared for some minor changes to the Kaltura integration with bCourses as we have upgraded, largely for security reasons. More specifically, we have upgraded from LTI 1.1 to 1.3. To learn more, see "Why Platforms and Tools Should Adopt LTI 1.3".

While the security improvements that come with the upgrade may not be obvious, the upgrade has led to one user interface change that will likely impact your use of Kaltura: thelocation of My Media has changed. My Media is where you go to find all of the videos that you own or for which you are a co-editor, co-publisher, or co-viewer. My Media can no longer be found in course navigation for each of your bCourses sites. Instead it will be located in the global navigation (the navigation where you find “Dashboard” and “Courses”, etc). While this change was required by the integration, we know that many of you will welcome it, as we have heard from a number of instructors that the old location was confusing. (Media Gallery, which is where you find course-specific content, will still be found in the course navigation.) See KB article, “Where is My Media?”, which includes screenshots to help you locate My Media.  

Note that the first time you go to My Media or Media Gallery (as of 12/28/23) you will be required to authorize Kaltura. Simply click the Authorize button - you will only have to do this once.                   

Other changes that may or may not impact you:

  • If you are a student embedding video using the bCourses Rich Content Editor (for example for Assignments or in Discussion), you will always be prompted as to whether the media you are embedding should be submitted as an assignment. If you are completing an assignment and the instructions say to do a “Kaltura Video Submission”, you should be sure to select “Yes, please” when you see the prompt about whether to submit as an assignment. (See  “How do I submit a Kaltura video assignment in bCourses using the Rich Content Editor?”

  • In course sites where the instructor has set up Groups, students can now embed Kaltura content in Group Discussions and on any Pages they create within the Group context. (Previously, this led to an Access Denied message.)

  • The URL for all existing Media Galleries will change; if you have previously provided a direct link (e.g. in your Syllabus) to a Media Gallery in a course site, that link will no longer work. 

For questions or concerns, please email kalturahelp@berkeley.edu.