Instructors Getting Started

Instructors Getting Started with Course Capture

All official instructors meeting in a Course Capture eligible room will receive an invitation email to sign up for Course Capture at least two weeks prior to instruction start. Please review the following steps below if you want to use Course Capture.

In advance of signing up

Signing up

  • Wait for the Invitation email. Invitations are sent at least 2 weeks prior to instruction starts. Emails will be sent from
  • Follow the link in the email and choose the desired Course Capture settings (Recording, Publishing, & Admin Proxy) on the signup form
  • Agree to the Course Capture policy statement on the signup form. 
  • Click the Approve button
  • If other instructors are listed on the sign up form, they will need to approve too before recordings can be scheduled. Recording can take up to 2 hours to schedule. Please have all instructors approved at least 2 hours prior to instruction.
  • Work with your departmental scheduler to make sure that any GSI’s or other people supporting your course have the correct roles in Campus Solutions to be able to publish (this will vary depending on the Publishing setting you have selected).

After Signing Up

Once Instruction starts

The below information only applies to General Access Classrooms. Departmental rooms (listed) may have limited audio or video controls. Please email the department contacts for more details


  • At the start of each class session, put on and turn on the wireless microphone.

Camera View (whiteboards/speaker view)

  • At the start of each class session, if your class is in a camera-enabled room

Presentation View (slides or other presentations)

  • At the start of each class session, plug in your device
    • Course Capture will record what is projected on the projector
    • If your room has a confidence monitor, check to see if the preview is showing the presentation.
    • The confidence monitor gives a preview of what is being recorded

How to get just-in-time help

  • If you need help with any of the technology or need more batteries, please call the classroom helpdesk, 510-643-8637

After class

  • If you do not want to share with the whole class, review How to share with individual students(link is external)
  • If you requested automatic publishing, please confirm that your recording is in the Media tab of the Media Gallery
  • Tell your students where they will find their recordings.