Zoom/Kaltura changes: Zoom Alternative Hosts automatically added as Collaborators in Kaltura (NOW ROLLED BACK)

October 19, 2023

Please note: the change that this article describes has been rolled back as of 11/26/23. The current behavior is that Zoom alternative hosts do NOT become Kaltura co-hosts or co-collaborators. 

An update to the Zoom to Kaltura integration made by Kaltura in early October benefits many Zoom users who have wanted colleagues (co-instructors, GSI’s,staff, etc) to be able to manage the recording files copied to Kaltura via the integration. 

Previously, only the meeting host would find the files in their Kaltura My Media. If they wanted someone else to be able to edit or publish the content, they would need to manually add that person as a Co-editor or Co-publisher (as described in “How do I add collaborators or change the owner of my Kaltura media?”), and would need to do it individually for each recording. 

With this update, anyone designated as an Alternative Host in the Zoom meeting (as described in "Designating an alternative host")  will automatically be given Co-Editor and Co-Publisher status on the resulting recording(s) in Kaltura. This will be vastly more efficient for recurring Zoom meetings, as an Alternative Host can be designated once in Zoom (as compared to having to designate collaborators for every video). It will be particularly helpful in the case where GSIs are assigned the task of setting up Zoom meetings, but the official instructor for the course wants long term access to the recordings, even after the GSI has left the university.

We realize, however, that there may be circumstances in which an instructor does not want Zoom Alternative Hosts to have access to recordings. Although we are advocating for the vendor to allow the Zoom meeting hosts to opt out of this new functionality, at this time there is no way to prevent it from happening. In this case, you have the following options to choose from:

  • Remove your Alternative Hosts in any scheduled Zoom meetings. If you need certain people to have the same permissions as Alternative Hosts (other than being able to start the meeting), you can make them Co-hosts during the meeting. (See “Roles in a meeting”.)

  • Opt out of the Zoom to Kaltura integration completely; to do so, simply send email to kalturahelp@berkeley.edu with your request to be opted out.

  • Remove the Co-Editors and Co-Publishers on each recording yourself, following the instructions in “How do I remove collaborators from my Kaltura media?”

If you have any questions or concerns, please send email to kalturahelp@berkeley.edu.

10/24/23 Update

Important Information for anyone that has ever or will ever schedule a meeting in their Personal Meeting Room with Alternative Hosts: Due to a bug in Zoom, if you schedule a meeting using your Personal Meeting ID (rather than a Generated ID) and assign an Alternative Host in that meeting, any subsequent meetings in your Personal Meeting Room (whether scheduled or started from the Zoom app) will also have that same person as Alternative Host. This means, among other things, that this person will be given co-editor and co-publisher status on your Kaltura recordings. 

You can check whether you have previously assigned Alternative Hosts in a meeting in your Personal Meeting Room by logging into https://berkeley.zoom.us and going to Meetings > Personal Room. If you see anyone listed on that page as an Alternative Host, you’ll want to take steps to remove them unless you intended for that person to be an Alternative Host for *all* meetings in your Personal Meeting Room. 

You can remove people you see listed as Alternative Hosts in your Personal Meeting Room from any scheduled meeting.  If you have no upcoming meetings, we advise creating a dummy meeting and ensure it has no Alternative Hosts attached. Alternative Hosts should disappear from your Personal Meeting Room. Going forward (until Zoom has fixed this bug), we recommend that you avoid scheduling meetings in your Personal Meeting Room with Alternative Hosts. 

12/6/23 Update

On 11/26/23, Kaltura rolled back the behavior described above.

Thus, for recordings from Zoom meetings run 11/26/23 or later, Zoom alternative hosts don't (and won't) have automatic access to Kaltura recordings. (As an institution, we may have a choice  in the new year to turn the behavior back on; if you have any input you’d like us to consider in making that choice, please let us know via email to kalturahelp@berkeley.edu.)