New integration will automatically copy Zoom Cloud Recordings to Kaltura starting on January 6

December 17, 2020

Starting January 6, 2021, at 8 am, whenever any campus member uses their UC Berkeley Zoom account to host a meeting that is recorded to the Zoom Cloud, the resulting recording will be automatically copied to UC Berkeley’s campus video management system, Kaltura. One of two things will happen:

  • If the Zoom account owner has no Kaltura account, the recording will be deleted from Kaltura within 24 hours (this does not affect the Zoom Cloud recording, which will still be available in Zoom for 30 days). It will never be shared with anybody else.

  • If the Zoom account owner has a Kaltura account (which they do, if they’ve ever interacted with the Kaltura system, either in bCourses or Mediaspace), the copy of the media will be saved permanently in the owner’s personal media repository in Kaltura (“My Media”). Further action will be required to share with others.
    Update 1/15/21: For those who access Kaltura thru bCourses, it is also critical that the email address you have starred under "Ways to Contact" in your bCourses Account Settings (link is external) matches the Sign-in Email address listed in your Zoom Profile(link is external). We expect that these do match for the vast majority of campus members; you would have to have actively added an additional email address to your bCourses Account Settings and selected it as your default—clicked the star next to it—in order for it NOT to match your Zoom email address. If they do not match, it is best that you change your default email address in bCourses(link is external) so that it matches what is in Zoom. (If making this change has undesirable impacts, please contact us at sends e-mail) and we will try to find a workaround.)

This new integration will be helpful for any Zoom users that desire to have their Zoom recordings saved beyond the Zoom retention limit (being reduced to 30 days on January 6).

For instructors in particular, this will also save a great deal of time and effort for those that use Zoom to record lectures that they want to share with their students in bCourses. No longer will they need to download from Zoom and upload to bCourses/Kaltura.

Please see our FAQ for more information about the integration. (Our FAQ includes information about how you ensure you have an Kaltura account, how you prevent your recordings from being copied to Kaltura at all, and much more.)