Fall 21 SuiteC Updates

October 4, 2021

SuiteC Fall 21 Update

When we re-built the SuiteC tools earlier this year, we prioritized the popular Asset Library and Engagement Index tools and made the decision to retire the native whiteboard tool and support use of the many available third party whiteboard tools. Our first major update to SuiteC includes a number of ways to make it easier to bring these external whiteboards into the Asset Library.

Support for Google Jamboard

All students have access to the Google Jamboard platform as part of their UC Berkeley Google account. Students can quickly create a new board, invite classmates to collaborate using their names or email addresses, and share the product to the Asset Library.

Jamboards may be copied for further remixing by adding "/copy" to the sharing URL.

To add a Jamboard to the asset library, make the board publicly visible, then copy and paste the URL into the Asset Library as a link.

More info here: ​​IT - Adding a Whiteboard to the Asset Library (service-now.com)

Improved Support for Google Slides

Published Google Slides are now easier to share in the Asset Library. You can share one slide as a whiteboard, or a whole deck. To share Google Slide, select File > Publish to the web, then copy and paste the URL into the Asset Library as a link.

More info here: IT - Adding a Whiteboard to the Asset Library (service-now.com)

Updatable Link Previews

Some link items in the Asset Library update in real time, while others generate a snapshot of the preview when they’re added. This means that certain assets can get stale if they’re modified after being added to the Asset Library. Now, if an item needs to be updated, it can be done so by the user by clicking the new “refresh” button in the top-right corner.

Asset Library Refresh Button


See this guide to get started with SuiteC: SuiteC Instructors Getting Started | Research, Teaching, and Learning (berkeley.edu)

If you have questions or feedback, please contact bcourseshelp@berkeley.edu