How to Support Undergraduate Students in the Event of Instructional Disruption

November 14, 2022

Review recommendations from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) intended to assist instructors in supporting undergraduate students’ learning in the event of instructional disruptions. These suggestions are offered in the hope of sustaining the best level of support possible for undergraduate instruction and making it simple for faculty to identify tools and approaches that could make their work easier during any disruption to normal instruction. 

The suggestions are not intended as a directive for faculty to increase their own workloads. We are profoundly cognizant of the burdens that have been placed on faculty teaching through the pandemic and of the consequences for faculty research, work/life balance, and well-being. 

Please reach out for help with specific pedagogical and technological questions if they are not addressed in the recommendations. We also encourage you to review the Guidance on Response to Disruptions to Instruction(PDF file) prepared in April 2020 by the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate’s Committee on Courses of Instruction.

You will also find self-support options at UCB Keep Teaching(link is external)Preparing for Disruptions, and the Remote Instruction Guide.

November 14 Update: A strike website, accessible with CalNet authentication, contains guidance and associated FAQs that will be updated periodically as the situation evolves and more information becomes available to us. Learn more about the negotiations and contract discussions at the UCOP FAQ page.