Course Capture Microphone Recording Behavior Change

October 1, 2021

For Course Capture Instructors:

We are making a change in how audio is captured during Course Capture recordings. We are removing the mute button on the touch panel and as long as the physical power switch on the wireless microphone is ON, the audio will be passed to Course Capture. If you wish to not record audio during your Course Capture recording session, please turn off the physical switch on the wireless microphone bodypack. This change will be implemented room by room through the rest of the semester in all our GA classrooms so if you plan on muting audio, please start turning off the physical switch on the wireless microphone instead. 

As a reminder, to ensure great audio quality in your Course Capture recordings, please check that the microphone is turned on and is at 2 bars or above battery level. This video covers best microphone placement as well as how to change the batteries

If you have any questions or concerns, please email