Classroom Technology Support Metrics for Fall Semester Start

October 22, 2021

What a whirlwind semester start. We want to thank all of you, the instructors that support the teaching and learning mission of the campus, for understanding that technology does not always work and for being partners in figuring out solutions to keep instruction going when faced with technical challenges.

It is not surprising that this semester felt busier and more complex than ever, so our team quantified what this looked like. We consistently saw 2-4 times the number of tickets on a daily basis in 2021 (the blue line below) versus the same period in 2017-2019.

Additional Statistics from August 1 to September 24, 2021:

  • Total requests and support tickets: 1117

    • More than double the same period from 2019: 520

  • Equipment Consultations and Requests: 179

  • Classroom Consultations: 118

Quick Links

  • Classroom Consultations:Submit a request to get 1-on-1 attention with classroom technology or instructional equipment needs for this or future semesters.