Changes to Turnitin Academic Integrity Service

April 26, 2021

In-between Spring and Summer instruction, we will upgrade the Turnitin academic integrity integration available inside bCourses: On May 23rd, we will enable a new Turnitin integration, and turn off the legacy integration. 

Turnitin Similarity Reports generated before 5/23/21 will no longer be accessible by instructors in bCourses after that date.

We scheduled this upgrade in-between semesters to minimize the impact of this change, but understand that some instructors may need to access reports generated from the legacy integration, and we will have options available for restoring old reports for a set time.

What Instructors Using Turnitin Need to Know:

  • If you anticipate needing to access specific integrity reports after May 23, 2021, you can download them in advance. How to download similarity reports(link is external).

  • See our Turnitin KB article(link is external) to learn how to enable and configure the new integration.

  • Avoid scheduling assignments on the day of the cutover (5/23), as it will result in reports generating for only some of the submissions.

  • If you need to access legacy reports after 5/23/21, email sends e-mail) with a link to the assignment and the name(s) of the students.

  • If you need access to lots of reports, contact the address above and we can set you up with direct access to the archive of your reports

See the FAQ below for additional information.


Q: Why are you making changes to the Turnitin Service?

A: The version of Turnitin that UC Berkeley is currently using is no longer supported by the vendor, and a suitable replacement is now available. We remained on the legacy integration longer than other institutions and opted not to migrate to an intermediary version as it did not sufficiently meet Berkeley’s needs. 

Q: What are the benefits of the new integration?

A: The new integration supports a broader range of submission types including group submissions. The newer integration should also reduce the occurrence of issues resulting in reports needing to be manually re-generated.

Q: Why are you making these changes now?

A: UC Berkeley must make this change by the end of 2021 due to the vendor's deprecation schedule. Because the migration will impact active assignments, we are migrating the service in between the Spring and Summer terms so as to impact the fewest number of courses. 

Q: Can I access old integrity reports after 5/23/21?

A: Yes. If you need access to specific reports, please send an email to sends e-mail) including a link to the assignment in bCourses, and the name(s) of the students.

If you need access to many reports, get in touch and we can grant you direct access to the archive of your reports. 

Q: Will student work submitted to the new integration be compared against older submissions?

A: Yes, submissions made to the new integration will be checked for similarity against the existing body of UC Berkeley submissions made in the past several years.

Contact sends e-mail) if you have further questions.