Berkeley Resources to Help Prepare for Fall Instruction

August 10, 2021

Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) is offering several programs and support services for faculty as they prepare for the Fall semester. Whether teaching in-person, remotely, or somewhere inbetween, our teams in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Digital Learning Services (DLS), and Classroom Technology are available to support your department. Please find a list of these resources and opportunities below. If you could share with your faculty, we’d most appreciate it. 

Faculty Meeting Presentations
If you would like a representative from one of our teams to present at a faculty meeting on topics related to returning to campus, please complete this form below or email us directly at and we will be happy to coordinate it with you.

Back-to-Campus Workshop Series
RTL is hosting this workshop series Aug. 16-20, 2021 that highlights how to transition back to campus while integrating the best aspects of remote instruction into your in-person courses or continuing to teach remotely. 

Customized Faculty Programs + Individual Consultations

  • Review Customized Faculty Group Programs on the CTL website

  • Schedule a consultation with CTL to discuss your pedagogical goals. (Please note that individual CTL consultations will not be available Aug.16-20 during the Back-to-Campus workshop series week.)

  • Schedule a consultation with DLS to learn how to use educational technology to support teaching goals. 

  • Schedule a consultation with Classroom Technology to try out the technology in a General Assignment Classroom or to get an expert to consult with you on ideas to equip a departmental space.

Online Resources 
The following guides are available to all faculty members.