bCourses Zoom Integration Update for Spring 2024

December 4, 2023

In preparation for the Spring 2024 term, we will be making an updated Zoom-bCourses integration available to all instructors. The newer integration is actively supported by Zoom and receives regular feature improvements. Read about the new features

For a short period, there will be two Zoom integrations listed in your course navigation settings (“Zoom” and “Zoom (2024)”). As you begin setting up your Spring 2024 course sites, we recommend using “Zoom (2024).” On Dec 18, the old “Zoom” item will be removed, and “Zoom (2024)” will be renamed to “Zoom” so that there is only one integration.

The newer integration has all the same features as the old integration, and meetings scheduled in the old integration will appear in the new integration. If you have already set up your Spring 2024 course using the old integration, the only extra step will be to make the new integration visible in your course navigation (it is hidden by default). The new integration is enabled in the same manner, by navigation to Settings > Navigation > and enabling "Zoom (2024)"

If you have any questions about this change, contact bcourseshelp@berkeley.edu