Aligning Research, Teaching, and Learning

Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) was created the summer of 2017 as a reimagining of the research and instructional support experience for researchers and instructors on campus. The initial phase of the organization initially brought together Educational Technology Services, the Center for Teaching and Learning, and Research IT. In the summer of 2018, Digital Learning Services (formerly Berkeley Resource Center for Online Education) was integrated into the team. The vision for this re-alignment of teams from various parts of campus was to provide better coordinated services and programs for instructors and researchers, and to explore opportunities and areas for innovation to meet Berkeley’s ever-evolving teaching and research needs. The combination of these teaching and research support groups under RTL umbrella improves efficiency, encourages collaboration, and creates opportunities to leverage existing resources in new and innovative ways.

To support the development of RTL, leadership and staff embarked on both mini projects to review the work of the organization and portfolio realignment. Mini projects focused on the various bodies of work being done by the teams, where they touched, overlapped, and where there were new opportunities. Portfolio realignments reviewed aspects of those mini projects along with resources to combine similar work into new or reimagined teams.


  • Provide campus with unified resources and services delivery in support of research, and teaching and learning activities for faculty, instructors and researchers across campus. 

  • Simplify the process for consulting and support across campus common-good and fee-for-use research and teaching resources, tools, and services


Direct: Campus faculty, instructors, researchers, academic support staff

Indirect: Students and administrators


ReIT Committee/Alignment 

Internal mini projects with staff participation 

ETS/RTL Advisory Group (faculty and academic staff) 


Jenn Stringer, Deputy Chief Information Officer & Assistant Vice Chancellor 

Catherine Koshland, Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education

Larry Conrad, Chief Information Office