RAE Services Peer Benchmarking

Research & Academic Engagement (RAE) Benchmarking and Portfolio Planning

Sponsored by Research, Teaching and Learning, the RAE Portfolio Planning project's goal is to review our a portfolio of existing and planned technology services and benchmarked them against several peer institutions. 

A third interation of the project was launched Fall 2018. An initial benchmarking was done in the Spring of 2014 and a second benchmarking activity in 2016. The results have been used to work with key stakeholders to determine service investments and enhancements as well as develop service roadmaps. The full process of the completed interations are outlined in the documents below. 


Ensure Berkeley maintains the highest quality services to support research, teaching and learning by

  • Comparing Berkeley technology services with peer institutions
  • Developing a set of recommendations around future resource realignment and investments
  • Fostering collaboration and a shared understanding across domains and service areas.

Presentations & Workshops

Peer Benchmarking: A Powerful Tool for IT Portfolio Planning(link is external). UCCSC. August 4, 2014
Workshop: Plan for the Future of Research and Teaching Technologies with Peer Benchmarking. Educause Annual Conference 2014. September 29, 2014


Project Overview  (PDF)
Service Area Definitions (PDF)
Peer Benchmarking in 13 Steps (PDF)

Template: Interim Report (link is external)(Google Sheets)
Template: Final Summary (one-pager) (link is external)(Google Docs)

Project Timeline

Original Benchmarking 2014

Redo Benchmarking 2016


For each service area create:

  • Service Comparison Worksheet -- Comparing Berkeley’s offerings with peer institutions
  • 2-Page Summary Report -- based on key observations from Service Comparison Worksheet
  • Final Analysis & Draft Recommendations


David Greenbaum, Director of Research Information Technologies

Jenn Stringer, Associate CIO, Academic Engagement & Director of Educational Technology Services

Erik Mitchell, Associate University Librarian

William Allison, Director of Architecture, Platforms & Integrations


Jenn Stringer