Summer 2022 Course Capture Pilot

April 14, 2022

Summer Pilot Information

RTL will be offering a Course Capture Pilot this summer. To qualify for this pilot, your course must have

  • a start and end date that is between May 23, 2022, and August 12, 2022. 
  • at least one instructor entered campus solutions with the roles TNIC, TIC, or NTIC. Your departmental scheduler will be able to verify this.
  • is scheduled in one of the following classrooms

There will not be any Course Capture services in classrooms not listed above. 

All official instructors will automatically receive an invitation email to join the pilot by May 16, 2022. If you believe your course qualifies and did not receive an email by May 16th, 2022, please contact All official instructors of a course will need to sign up using the invitation link within the email for the course to join the pilot program. For those that are already familiar with Course Capture during the Spring or Fall semester, the steps to use Course Capture are no different. To learn more about how to use the Course Capture service, please visit our service page

If you are not in one of the pilot classrooms and would like to record your lectures:

If you are unable to change your classroom, please consider using Zoom Cloud for recording. The recording produced with the Zoom->Kaltura integration is very similar to those from Course Capture. Here is the FAQ for the Zoom->Kaltura integrations(link is external).

Your classroom may also be a Video Conference capable room, which will allow you to use the installed camera and microphone within your Zoom interface. To check if your room is Video Conference capable, please use the classroom database

Please also see our website on Guidance for Departmental Spaces for equipment checkout and further recommendations.