Provide Your Feedback on New Academic Technology Tools

October 25, 2023

Campus-supported academic tools are rigorously vetted for accessibility, privacy, and security but feedback from Berkeley’s instructional community is essential to determine a tool’s usability, effectiveness, and suitability. To accomplish this, RTL needs volunteers to participate in testing new tools throughout the academic year. Participants then also have the opportunity to influence the selection of tools that align with the teaching and learning needs of our campus.

Some examples of tools we are testing this academic year include a peer learning tool, grade distribution dashboards in bCourses, bCourses accessibility tools, and “classroom of the future” technology in some general assignment classrooms.

If you are interested in helping us, please submit the interest form and our team will reach out to you throughout the year once we have a new tool ready to be evaluated. 

As we strive to enhance the educational experience at Berkeley, we regularly explore and evaluate educational technology tools that can benefit our faculty and students so your input is vital to this initiative, and we value your time and commitment.