Possible Power Outages During Mid-Terms

October 25, 2020

Currently, there are several notices about possible power outages across the Bay Area over the next few days.  As this may be disruptive to your midterm exams, we wanted to remind you of some campus resources that may be useful. Generally, communication with students is key, even if that communication is as simple as “the midterm will be rescheduled, and details will follow when my own power is restored”.

If the number of students in your course who are without power is small, it is possible for you to confirm that, and you and/or your GSIs are currently able to make yourselves available for the exam, it may make sense for you to proceed with your examination and hold a makeup exam for those without power. The Report of the Task Force on Instructional Resilience also considered the following alternatives:

...postpone the exam, assess the students in a different manner (e.g., a take-home exam), or cancel the exam and have fewer assessments that semester. It is essential for instructors, when devising alternative assignments and modes of assessment, to work with DSP to ensure that the new assignments and modes of assessment are accessible to students with disabilities.

If you are considering an alternative form of assessment, the Academic Senate’s Best Practice for Remote Examinations has a variety of options you may want to consider.

In the event that you choose to reschedule your midterm, the Report of the Task Force on Instructional Resilience suggests: 

Refrain from holding exams or having major assignments due for two days following the resumption of classes. As noted above, students may have missed or been unable to understand materials taught during a disruption of on-campus instruction. They need time to ask questions and get help in person before being assessed on their mastery of materials taught online.