New Student Page Layout in BOA

February 3, 2021

On Wednesday, February 3, BOA received updates including a new layout of past, present, and future student enrollments on the student page:

This layout consolidates a student's academic year enrollments into a single row, with a column representing each semester of past, present, and future term enrollments. Advisors maintain their access to real-time engagement data from bCourses (when available) by clicking the ▶ icon next to the course name. Details about academic years can also be expanded and collapsed by clicking the ▶ icon next to the academic year details.

In addition to the new student page layout, the February 3 update also provides new sorting of cohort filters to help advisors more easily find the filters they need, organizing these by academic status, demographics, and advising-specific data.

For questions or feedback on these updates or any other BOA features, contact