Listening to Your Feedback and Delivering Improvements to Our Classrooms!

April 21, 2022

As we near the end of the Spring 2022 semester, we want to share an improvement that RTL has made in the classroom based on your feedback from the Classroom Technology Feedback Survey - Fall 2021 that we sent in December 2021. Based on our helpdesk ticket review, our team was aware that audio capture for Course Capture was a top issue in our classrooms. As a result, we included a question in the Fall 2021 survey to gauge options to reduce audio capture issues in our classrooms.

Classroom Touch Panel changes - April 2022

Out of 4 different options, the one that got the most response (65%) was to “Add visible audio level meter on or near the A/V Touch Panel to show my audio level”. Our engineering team responded to this feedback and developed new visuals on our Touch Panel to provide a visual cue for not only the audio signal, but also a recording icon to indicate when a Course Capture recording is in progress.

This change is being rolled out to 60 classrooms from now through the end of summer sessions. We would love to hear feedback about this change via

Please look out for the Spring 2022 end of semester survey from RTL in early May to provide valuable feedback to help us improve our services for the campus community.