Course Capture Support Update March 16, 2020

March 18, 2020


We are writing in response to the Chancellor’s Announcement (link is external)about the shelter-in-place order for Alameda County, and the follow-up reduced campus operations email(link is external). As outlined in those communications, all on-campus instruction has ceased. The shelter-in-place order calls for a reduction in operations that will include ceasing services that support in-classroom course capture of any kind (audio only, audio+slides, or video). We do not have staffing to support this service at this time.

As you make the change to fully-remote instruction, we are encouraging you to take advantage of the virtual consultation services (outlined below) offered by RTL(link is external). The team is here to support you as best as possible as you transition in a virtual environment. We offer individual virtual consultations with staff who can help guide you on best practices and technical tools. Consultation services can be scheduled in the following ways:

For access to all resources for this transition, including documentation, best practices, and timely updates, please review the Instructional Resilience Resources page(link is external).  Below are direct links to resources that may help with quickly getting a plan in place:

  • bCourses and Google Suite

    • There are resource guides for bCourses and the Google Suite under the section “Options for Digital Tools + Resources(link is external)” on the IR page as well.  These include teaching and learning features of bCourses like discussions, assessments, group activities, and peer collaborations.

We want to applaud your resilience and dedication to teaching. Many instructors made use of our ETS Course Capture service over the past two weeks, in response to the current crisis. We realize for many of you, this included administrative processes and room change requests. We very much appreciate your support, and the help provided by our partner, the Registrar, in working to fulfill the requests.

If you have additional questions, you may contact sends e-mail). We appreciate your creativity, hard work, and patience during this difficult time. Please reach out to us virtually, we are here to help as much as we can.

Best regards,

Owen McGrath
Director, Education Technology Services
Research, Teaching, and Learning

Suzanne Harrison
Director, Digital Learning Services
Research, Teaching, and Learning

Shawna Dark
Chief Academic Technology Officer
Research, Teaching, and Learning