New Baseline Functionality of Course Capture, Cameras, and Video Conferencing for UC Berkeley Classrooms

Rapid New Additions to Classrooms in 2020-2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, RTL's classroom team has continued to work hard on campus to upgrade our classrooms with the tools our instructors need. This recent round of upgrades has greatly expanded course capture capabilities to over half of the General Assignment Classroom (GAC) pool and introduced a new standard of in-room camera and video conference capability to 20% of the GACs at the Berkeley campus.  Here is the impressive list of upgrades completed by the team.

Classroom Upgrade 2021

Plans for 2022 and Beyond

The UC Berkeley classroom team will be further expanding our new course capture, camera, and video conference capabilities baseline to an additional 80+ rooms. This work is in addition to the team's normal classroom refresh (over 30 are planned for 2022). The team is incorporating the new baseline functionality to the existing refresh process in the early part of 2022.

Classroom Upgrade 2022