Note: We are looking to transition to a virtual service and this page will be updated soon with more information on how to proceed. 

About Clickers

Clickers (also known as “audience response systems”, "classroom response systems", and "student response systems") enable  instructors to pose questions to students and immediately collect and view the responses of the entire class. Clickers are often used to increase student engagement and obtain real-time feedback.

The particular brand of clickers that DLS currently supports is iClicker Classic (formerly known as i>clicker). iClicker Classic technology (consisting of a receiver and student handheld devices) can engage up to 1500 students within a 200 foot range so it can be used in any classroom on campus from a large lecture hall to a small discussion. The receiver is free to instructors; students pay for the handheld devices (or, in some cases, a subscription to a mobile app).

iClicker Classic can also be integrated with bCourses in order to fully consolidate the classroom technology experience. This works by syncing with the roster in a bCourses site, and allowing for clicker points to be uploaded to that bCourses site.